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Our Featured Artists

Mark "Muddyharp" Hodgson

The musical instrument called the harmonica may have been invented in Trossingen, Germany but the true utilization of the cross harp was invented by Mark Hodgson.

He has performed at the garlic Wednesday through Saturday since 2009, where his broad experience allows him to show his versatility in all genres of music.

Amy Alysia

Vocalist Amy Alysia is a performer who works tirelessly to claim her place as one of the premier vocalists in Central Florida.  Always known for her soulful, heartfelt ballads, impressive vocal range, and unique approach to a song, Amy Alysia always leaves her audience wanting more.

Johnny Mag Sax

Johnny Magnuson, AKA Johnny Mag Sax, was born in Rochester, NY and currently lives in DeLand, FL.
He is a US Army Band Veteran and resident saxophonist at the Garlic Restaurant on Sundays and Tuesdays specializing in smooth jazz, jazz standards, blues, classic rock and soul.

Joe Harrison

Joseph Harrison is a unique artist wielding many instruments and delivering a range of styles. Classically trained, influenced by classic rock and jazz, Joey explores the possibilities of live arrangements using his original approach to performance. Watch him create the sound of an entire ensemble in seconds and cover classic artists such as Billy Joel, Chicago, Steely Dan, Stevie Ray Vaughn and many more. Joey has nine original albums, several of which can be either bought at a live show, online or on streaming apps. Come experience his groove at the BluBar on Sunday and Wednesday.

Laree App

Having spent most of his life in Florida and the Caribbean, Lawrence “Laree” App has developed his own distinct tropical style of music. He has expanded the sound he created with Windjammer in his act and plays steel drum and guitar along with vocals. Whether performing traditional island tunes or branching out into jazz and pop, Laree’s music has a relaxing, tropical flavor.

Monthly Schedule

Entertainment nightly: Sun-Thurs: 5:30pm-9:30pm | Fri–Sat: 6pm – 10pm